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What Lilly Singh is teaching us about brand management

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Lilly Singh is one of the famous Internet personalities who went from producing content online to more mainstream endeavors. There is nothing wrong with that, but the way she manages her new content and her image leaves a lot to be desired.

Source: tubefilter
Lilly Singh, who used to be known as Superwoman, started her career almost a decade ago. Source: Tubefilter

Lilly Singh used the pseudonym Superwoman when she started her career as a Youtube comedian in 2010. She had a lot of success on the platform and on the Internet in general, gaining 14,9 million subscribers on Youtube, 9 million followers on Instagram, almost 6 million followers on Twitter and 3 million followers on Facebook. Her success expanded to other fields as the years went on: she became a UNICEF Ambassador, published a best-selling book and created a makeup brand, among other things. Finally, in 2019, she was chosen to host a new NBC talk-show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, which reinforced her fans' conviction that nothing could stop her. However, her claim to TV success might be her first big failure.

The first episodes of Lilly's TV show didn't get the praise she expected. (Source:NBC)

The first episodes of her TV show had a lot of viewers, and soon got hit by their negative feedback. Indeed, Lilly gained success with content targeted at children and teenagers, and didn't change her strategy for her TV audience. That's how she made a mistake that a lot of people and companies make: your audience will not be the same everywhere. In Lilly's case, she took the type of content that would have been successful on her Youtube channel and put it in her show. However, the thing is that children and teenagers don't watch TV anymore, or not that late. Their parents and older siblings do, and she didn't adapt her content for them. As a result, negative reviews of her show started pouring onto the Internet. Since the show is still in its infancy, this wouldn't be that big of an issue if Lilly knew how to respond as a brand's figurehead and not as a person.

Many people weren't impressed by Lilly's attempt at TV hosting. (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

Indeed, I have good reasons to think that she doesn't see her show as a product that people are consuming, and that is essential when you need to manage feedback. If she did, she wouldn't have made another mistake made by people and companies regarding feedback management: taking comments too personally and labeling disgruntled viewers as "trolls" or "haters", instead of taking them more seriously. Her TV show is, for now, the only target of most critics. However, if she doesn't make adjustments to her content and her feedback management, her whole brand will most likely take a hit that she won't be able to recover from. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things will go in 2020.

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