• Elsa Moreira Da Veiga

Little introduction of the little freelancing girl

People often tell me that I'm pretty young for a freelancer with 3 years of experience. And I'm pretty young indeed.

I started freelancing at 18, as I was wrapping up my first year of college. I was looking for a way to begin my professional career, and I was already quite ambitious. I wasn't interested in a some random part-time job in a supermarket or a call center (even though I don't despise people in those positions), I knew I had good skills that I had to put to use. I have always been a good linguist et and I always know how to apture evryone's attention (in a good way).

So I started looked for a way to put my skills to use. I sent resumes to translation and communication agencies, without ever getting a response (obviously because I was barely out of high school). I didn't give up though, and with the help of the great Google, I found Upwork. I created my profile, and I started applying to gigs. Like almost everyone, I had to be patient for a while (a month and a half, actually) before getting my first job. And that's how I made my amazing entry into the freelancing world translating...erotic novels.

I wasn't expecting that at all, but I still did my very best on that project. My first satisfied client brought others, and so on. I made a reputation for myself, and I remembered that in addition to my linguistic skills, I had some digital skills that I hadn't used yet. However, I prefered to wait for them to grow before highlighting them on my profile. That's what pushed me to join a college association that was looking for a communications manager and I started to work on social media. So I was working on three things: freelancing, volunteering, and studying, sacrificing many nights of sleep to acquire experience and spending on makeup to hide the consequences. I filled my Upwork profile, I created my Malt profile, and at last I created my website.

This is the freelance that I am, Elsa Moreira Da Veiga, at your service.

PS: I moved on from erotic novels, I translate other things now :) !

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